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Improved Functionality and Enhanced User Experience

New hierarchic view for the default graph layout, a searchable network text field, and the ability to add notes to assets. There is also improved sorting for inventory and external hosts, as well as enhancements to timeline data caching and asset details. Additionally, self-serve subscription management is now available for Gmail users, with a new pricing/account tier comparison page and the ability to upgrade subscriptions directly from the application.
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User Interface and Experience Improvements

  • Default graph layout update: The graph layout now has a new and improved hierarchic view for easier navigation and understanding.
  • Network search improvement: The search text field now displays a list of assets that match your search query, helping you find what you need more quickly.
  • Note addition feature: You can now add notes to your desired assets for better organization and tracking.
  • Inspector panel change: Broadcast Domain assets are now displayed separately within the Inspector panel for improved usability.

Performance and Functionality Enhancements

  • List overflow update: Instead of overflow scrolling, we now support a “Show More” button for better handling of large lists.
  • Asset sorting update: Inventory and External Hosts are now sorted by IP, making it easier to find specific items.
  • Search visibility change: Non-matching asset labels fade out when a search is active, reducing clutter and focusing on the assets that match your search.
  • Timeline performance improvement: We now cache timeline data so it loads faster. Projects with more than 10,000 assets will also see accelerated timeline loads.

Navigation and Control Updates

  • Topology navigation update: Users can now pan the topology using click and drag. Use ALT+drag to select multiple assets.
  • Tooltip enhancement: Asset Details now feature enhanced tooltips that allow for copying of values.
  • Project creation shortcut: Projects can now be created directly by clicking on an Upload, making it easier to start new projects.

Account Management and Information Updates

  • Subscription management for gmail users: Gmail users can now manage their account subscriptions themselves.
  • Pricing/Account tier comparison page: This new page lets you compare different account tiers and their pricing.
  • Subscription upgrade feature: Users can now upgrade their subscriptions directly from the application, making account management smoother.
  • GlobalFooter links added: We've added links to our Contact, Support, and Terms of Service in the footer for easier access to important information.
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