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Live Chat Now Available and Enhanced User Experience

Additional searchable fields, live chat functionality for customer support, and enhanced asset details copying. There are also improvements to the inspector blank state, topology and timeline interaction controls, and bug reporting system. Subscription contextual previews have also been added to notify users of team resource limits.
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Improvements to Asset Information and Search

  • Asset Details update: Hover over Asset Details to copy more information directly.
  • Searchable fields added: We've added more searchable fields such as Application strings, Manufacturer, Ports, and Asset Notes to enhance search functionality.

Interaction Control Enhancements

  • Updated interaction controls: We've updated the interaction controls for the Topology and Timeline for better user experience.
  • Inspector zero state update: The Inspector blank state now displays topology interaction controls to guide users when no data is present.

Improved Support and User Accessibility

  • New live chat functionality: Get immediate answers to your questions with our new Live Chat feature.
  • Browser compatibility updates: We've resolved issues and now support login from Safari and Firefox in addition to Google Chrome.

Additional Learning Resources and Bug Reporting

  • More demo projects available: More demo projects have been added to help users understand and utilize our application more effectively.
  • Bug reporting system enhanced: We've updated our bug reporting system to address issues more quickly.

Project Management Improvements

  • Project sorting capability: Users can now sort the Project listing for better project management.
  • Resource limit notifications: We've added contextual previews to inform users about their team resource limits.
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