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Threat Intel and Metadata Integration for Internet hosts

We've rolled out optimizations for timeline loading and zoom, as well as improvements to error descriptions, inline help tooltips, and metadata sorting within Inspector. Enriched metadata now includes support for GreyNoise and IPInfo on asset selection. Additionally, users can now delete projects from the home page and sort uploads by filename.
Cover Image for Threat Intel and Metadata Integration for Internet hosts
  • Timeline Enhancements

    • Improved loading: Improved loading speed and zoom functionality for a smoother experience in the timeline view.
  • User Experience Improvements

    • Friendlier errors: Friendlier error descriptions to facilitate troubleshooting.
    • CIDR support: Ability to graph desired assets based on CIDR notation for better visualization.
    • Faster loading of CVEs: Optimized loading of CVEs for faster access to vulnerability information.
    • Inline tooltips: Inline help tooltips for instant guidance and support.
    • Vender icon support: Vendor icons added where applicable for easier identification.
  • Metadata Organization

    • Better organizing: Sorted various metadata within the Inspector tool for improved data management.
  • Search Results Enhancement

    • Search updates: Asset count displayed in search results for a quick overview.
  • Asset Selection and Intelligence

    • Third-party metadata: Added support for GreyNoise and IPInfo on asset selection to enhance threat intelligence capabilities.
  • Streamlined Project Management

    • Updated project support: Ability to delete projects directly from the home page for improved project management.
  • Enhanced User Feedback and File Management

    • Friendlier feedback: Updated feedback messages to provide a more friendly and informative experience.
    • Upload sorting: Added ability to sort uploads for better file management.
    • Additional metadata: Filename displayed in tooltips for easy identification.
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