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Faster Loading and Network Map Screenshots

Users can now export the topology as an image. External IP addresses now display the country flag of their origin. The help panel now has a better look and feel.
Cover Image for Faster Loading and Network Map Screenshots

General Improvements

  • Topology screenshots: Support for topology screenshots added: Capture your network topology with a single click.
  • Updated Form Factor: Form Factor dropdown now contains icons: Enhanced readability with new visual cues.
  • Country flag display: Country flags in Inventory and External Hosts table: Quickly identify host origin with integrated country flags.
  • Updating subscription types: Trial accounts at the Starter 10 tier level now available: Test our service with no commitment.
  • Optimized Inspector: Inspector user interface updates: Optimized for more effective data analysis.
  • Third-party updates: GreyNoise classification colors and tags in Inventory and External Hosts table: Better threat intelligence at a glance.
  • Optimized CVE loading: Faster loading of CVEs: Enhanced speed for vulnerability analysis.
  • Custom layouts: Custom layouts within application: Personalize your workspace based on your workflow.
  • Updated help section: Help icons and definitions within Inspector: Get help when you need it, directly in the Inspector.

Enriched Metadata Updates

  • Third-party updates: IPinfo and GreyNoise user interface updates: Streamlined interfaces for more effective threat intelligence.
  • Faster queries: Optimized enriched metadata searching: Faster, more efficient queries.
  • IPv6 support: IPv6 addresses support added: Ensuring compatibility with all IP versions.
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