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Enhanced Timeline and New Project Details Section

Want to know what's going on in your project? Take a look at the new Project Details panel! We've also sped up the loading of CVEs and queries for enriched metadata. Speaking of enriched metadata, we've made some helpful user interface updates. We've also made a few changes to the timeline: it has been enhanced with a second-level zoom, expand/collapse button, updated protocol icons, long name tooltips for protocol values, and a bandwidth display.
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General Enhancements

  • Updated help section: Updated help section within the Inspector panel: Improved guidance and assistance for users within the Inspector panel.
  • Updated CVE loading: Faster loading of CVEs: Enhanced performance and reduced loading times for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures data.

Enriched Metadata Updates

  • Metadata query updates: Reduced enriched metadata query times: Optimized metadata searching for faster and more efficient results.
  • Updated interface: IPinfo user interface updates: Streamlined interface for improved usability in IP information retrieval.
  • Update interface: GreyNoise user interfaces updates: Enhancements to the GreyNoise user interfaces for better threat intelligence analysis.

Projects Enhancements

  • Updated interface: Added Project Details information to Inspector: Access crucial project details right within the Inspector.
  • Faster project loading: Optimized Project load times: Improved performance and faster loading of Projects.

Timeline Updates

  • Updated zoom levels: Timeline now supports second-level zoom: Zoom in further for more detailed analysis of your timeline data.
  • Updated icons: Updated protocol icon set: Enhanced visual representation with an updated set of protocol icons.
  • New functionality: Added expand all/collapse all button: Easily expand or collapse timeline elements for better organization.
  • Friendlier tooltips: Protocol values now have long name tooltips: View complete protocol names for better understanding.
  • Timeline bandwidth display: Added Timeline bandwidth display: Visualize bandwidth usage within the Timeline for better network analysis.
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