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New Credentials Panel and Improved Device Management

Check out the new Credentials panel where you can view plaintext passwords and credentials! Worried about not having a Google email address? Users can now provide any email address they'd like. Plus, the Timeline and file processing is now faster and we've updated the look and feel of the Inventory panel.
Cover Image for New Credentials Panel and Improved Device Management

General Enhancements

  • Move assets within the topology: Easily rearrange assets within the topology for better organization and visualization.
  • Export Inventory and External Hosts table to CSV: Generate CSV files of your inventory data for further analysis and reporting.
  • Updated look and feel of Inventory: Improved visual design for a more intuitive and user-friendly inventory experience.
  • Detect and display plaintext passwords: Enhance credential management with the ability to detect and display plaintext passwords in the Credentials tab.
  • Expanded email address options: Users are no longer restricted to Google email addresses, providing more flexibility in account registration.

Subscriptions Updates

  • Updated tiers and pricing levels: Revisions to subscription tiers and pricing for improved affordability and value.

Timeline Enhancements

  • Sort Timeline protocol listing: Arrange the timeline protocol listing for easier navigation and analysis.
  • Protocol flow metadata in timeline selection: Gain insights into protocol flows with additional metadata when selecting timeline events.
  • Change timeline date: Modify the date range of the timeline to focus on specific time periods.
  • Faster timeline loading: Improved performance for faster loading of the timeline data.

Uploads Improvements

  • Enhanced file upload progress feedback: Clearer feedback on the progress of file uploads for better visibility and user experience.
  • Faster processing of uploads: Improved processing speed for quicker availability of uploaded files.
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