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Automatic Topology Layouts

The topology layout system now does most of the work for you!
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General Enhancements

  • iPad support: The styling and scrolling features have been updated to better support iPads.
  • Table updates: The Inventory, External Hosts, and Credentials table now have a better user experience.
  • Credentials panel: The Credentials panel now identifies the associated protocol.
  • GPU detection: Users are now informed if their GPU may not support all application visualizations.

Topology Enhancements

  • Automated layout system: The topology now automatically places assets in a beautiful, clean, hierarchic layout.
  • Updated icons: We've updated the icons to be more reflective of the underlying metadata.
  • Minimap: The topology now has a minimap which allows you to easily pan the topology.
  • Topology zones: The topology now contains movable VLAN and subnet "zones" which provide better grouping of assets.
  • Edge highlighting: Hovering over a zone allows users to view all connecting assets/zones.
  • External hosts display: External hosts now appear within the Network topology.
  • Collapsible groups: Users can now expand/collapse groups of assets within the topology.
  • Edge styling: Users can now style edges within the topology.
  • Asset sizing: Users can now change the size of an asset within the topology.
  • Tap point designation: The tap point location is now displayed within the topology.

Uploads Improvements

  • More informative: The Uploads panel now visually informs you about potential upload complications.
  • Upload status: The current upload status is now displayed across all pages.
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