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Trial period is now 30 days!

We've upgraded the trial period from 7 to 30 days!
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General Enhancements

  • Trial period: The trial period for new users is now 30 days!
  • Inventory table: The Inventory table Address tooltips are now sorted.
  • Asset dropdown: The Selected Asset dropdown is now sorted.
  • Updated icons: The user interface now has some new icons.
  • Autofocus panels: When a user selects an asset, the Inspector panel is now auto-focused.

Timeline Enhancements

  • Autofocus sections: When a user selects a session from the timeline, the Sources, Destinations, and Protocol Flows sections are now auto-focused.

Topology Enhancements

  • Tap point identifier: The tap point asset now has a tooltip.

Uploads Improvements

  • Stenographer updates: Stenographer processing issues have been resolved. Users can now also carve Stenographer collections.
  • User interface updates: The Upload input form now updates every time the input file changes.
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