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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Land, air, sea, space. You can see it in your head. These environments are easy to understand in simple terms.

In cyberspace, it takes reading thousands of words to describe a single picture. Things like network traffic, command-line, logs, configs, and binary programs.

IT and cyber security people spend a career learning to interpret this data and to know what's happening. It's even less accessible for everyone else. Leaders, decision-makers, people most affected by technology.

At Cyberspatial, we believe in the power of simple visuals and imagery for communicating complex ideas.

Don't map your enterprise network on a whiteboard

It's hard to protect what you can't see.

Crime thrives in areas of low visibility. Dark alleys and remote areas. Places where it's easy to hide and hard to get caught.

Cyberspace is the new frontier for crime and espionage. Data breaches, ransomware, and IP theft that will exceed $10 trillion by 2025.

We're working towards a world where people have strong visibility into their networks and devices. A place where crime can't hide.

Know your network

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