We're transforming network security.

Cyberspatial is an experienced team of security practitioners. Our mission is to make powerful and easy-to-use cyber defense software accessible to everyone.

By transforming technical data into visual stories, our platform helps you see, know, and share network knowledge faster and easier with others.

Transforming network security

Our story

Cyberspatial was founded by ex-military, ex-US Cyber Command, ex-Fortune 500 security and engineering professionals to restore the balance of power between offensive and defensive cyber security.

Hackers only need a small amount of resources to inflict large costs on even well-funded organizations.

But defenders have to make continuous investments in expensive talent and tooling to see, understand, & respond to what's happening on their networks.

How do we level the playing field?

Hacker in action

Our approach

Nation-state level tech
at reasonable prices.

Transforming network security

Stronger security comes by equipping our cyber defenders with powerful tools designed to amplify human intelligence, not to replace it.

  • Visual Analysis

    : understand large volumes of complex data and explain what's happening on any network environment with ease.
  • Tech Integration

    : combining advanced technologies into an analysis workbench that saves time and increases your productivity.
  • Accessible for Everyone

    : anyone with a basic level of instruction can become effective analysts, without needing a costly budget.


Making powerful, easy-to-use cyber defense technology accessible to everyone.

Challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in security.

Add Massive Value
We help millions of cyber defenders secure billions of digital lives.
Play to Win
We solve hard problems every day with deep, creative persistence.
Team First
We operate with strong integrity in the best interests of the team.

Our Founders

Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence Nunn

Chief Executive Officer

Lawrence Nunn

Lawrence ran high-performance military units, managed top Pentagon cyber capabilities, and led national incident response teams at US Cyber Command.

BS in information systems engineering from the United States Military Academy and an MS in operations research from the University of Texas at Austin.

Passionate about business development sales, tech strategy, and big ideas.

Chief Executive Officer

Ricky Tan

Chief Product Officer

Ricky Tan

15+ years in cybersecurity. One of its first cyber operations officers in the US army. #1 of 6 selected among hundreds of candidates for an elite cyber mission unit.

BS in computer science from the United States Military and MS in information security engineering from the SANS Technology Institute.

Design-driven. 240K subscribers on the Cyberspatial YouTube channel.

Next-gen packet analysis
for IT & security teams.

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