Create a dynamic digital twin of your network
from real-time data,

 on-prem and fully offline.

Defense & Intelligence

Transform your cyber operators' effectiveness with an unparalleled level of visibility and analysis for defense & intelligence missions.

Federal & Civilian

Optimize IT and security operations with a visual decision platform that reflects your network's every detail and track the threat's every move.

State & Local

Protect and assure critical services or with deep network knowledge and real-time insights for your converged IT/OT environments.

Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance for Networks

Teleseer offers precise, real-time insights and situational understanding into any network, ensuring strategic dominance in the face of evolving digital threats. The intuitive platform requires no agents or scanning and is 100% passive, saving you time and resources on deployment, training, and analysis.

Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance for Networks
Mission Relevant Terrain in Cyberspace Readiness

Mission Relevant Terrain in Cyberspace Readiness

Teleseer is the fastest way to map and discover critical mission assets in your environment. It enables continuous behavioral monitoring of devices with the highest resolution traffic visibility. By revealing hidden risks and vulnerabilities across your cyber terrain, it helps you to make prompt and informed response actions.

Hunt Forward &
Remote Operations

Teleseer's dynamic digital twin technology helps hunt teams efficiently comprehend an unknown host environment, even when limited data is available. With integrated threat analysis features, Teleseer lets you quickly see network and and uncover threats with zero impact or disruption to production systems.

Hunt Forward & Remote Operations

Syncs with Elastic in
a seamless workflow.


Visual network intelligence
for cyber mission teams.

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