Teleseer - Network mapping for cybersecurity professionals

Discover and map
your network in minutes.

Next-gen packet analysis and network visualization.
All from your web browser.
No credit card required.

One-click visibility.

Teleseer is the fastest, most powerful way to analyze any network from packet captures.

No infrastructure, database, setup, or code needed. Start using instantly in your browser.

Know your network faster.

Passive Asset Discovery
No agents, scanning or appliances. Find unmanaged devices and shadow IT the other tools miss.
Automated Analysis
Gain a deep understanding of your network with minimal setup, saving time and effort.
Threat Insights
Hunt threats and anomalies faster with built-in intelligence feeds.
Better Network Forensics
Find more threat patterns and anomalies by visualizing your PCAP data.
Faster Incident Response
Speed up investigations by streamlining your network traffic analysis workflow.
Stronger OT Security
See and know everything that's happening on your OT networks with zero disruption.

Be more productive.

Point-and-click workflows to help you get answers
from PCAP faster and easier than ever before.
Precision Timeline
See when key events happen.
No more drowning in timestamps.
Selection Tracking
Visual context helps you stay
focused during investigations.
Network Mapping
Understand the structure and
relationships on any network.
Smart Filtering
Instantly identify traffic and
events for specific devices.
Spotlight Search
Find devices matching
different attributes easily.
Threat Tags
Never waste time searching
for info about IPs again.

Download just the packets you need.

PCAP too large for Wireshark and other tools?
Teleseer lets you carve and extract just what you need.

Analyze captures
100s of GB in size.

PCAP and Zeek supported.

Say goodbye to busy work.

Teleseer removes repetitive mental tasks so
you can focus on higher-value analysis.

Searching through dense packet data.

Correlating between different event logs.

Visualizing network assets and connections.

This tool is an absolute game changer!

I had a beautiful diagram in ~3 minutes.

Allison Roberts

Information Security & Risk Manager

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Analyze data from any source.

Collect traffic from a variety of ways
for analysis using Teleseer.

Powerful performance.

Teleseer identifies over 5,000 protocols and apps for the deepest level of visibility and analysis.

Protocol Coverage

Identify thousands of protocols and
apps that otherwise show up as
generic connections.

Engine Speed

No more waiting around for tools
to finish or fail when analyzing
large datasets.

Next-gen packet analysis
for IT & security teams.

Try on your own data for free.
No credit card required.

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